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DMA is the pioneer & No1 NEXT/FMGE  training institute in India due to the persistent delivery of higher pass percentage through a unique hand-holding approach in teaching since 2006.

Our world class - national faculties, motivational trainers & program coordinators guarantee the best student centric-approach which consistently yields in 100% of students’ satisfaction & 70%-80% of success in every attempt of the FMGE.


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“It doesn't matter how many resources you have, If you don't know how to use them, it will never be enough!”

A Unique Student Centric Training

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“Don’t try to fill a leaky bucket: seal the leak before filling it!”

​Grab your customized study plan through the Davinci Analytica

  • ​Each FMG has a unique personality, learning pattern, subject Proficiency & level of exam-taking skills therefore it's impossible to implement the same study plan & strategy to everyone without analyzing them individually.​

  • DMA is the only training centre in India to use the AI based analytics to identify your strengths /weaknesses, subject Proficiency, & level of exam-taking skills to strategize customized Study Plan per individual.

Why DMA?

01.   Limited number of students  (Students to tutor ratio: 6: 1)
02.   AI-based Analytics & counseling (Ed psychology)
03.   Customised study plan as per the Analytics
04.   Pre-class training: FMGE Pattern survey + Exam Taking skills Training 
05.   Complementary session to strengthen your foundation of basics 
06.   Live F2F + Online & Recorded classes
07.   Conceptual (clinical & image-based) teaching  as per the latest pattern
08.   App with Updated NBE centric materials + High yield Image bank 
09.   App with MCQs to study: NBE Past papers (FMGE & NEET PG) & Topic wise MCQs 
10.   Supervised Study rooms 
11.   240+ tests with 50,000+ MCQs (Chapter/subject/module/mini/grand mocks)
12.   Scheduled  & supervised tests:
           a. Daily chapter wise tests
           b. Weekly subject wise tests
           c. Monthly module, mini & grand mocks
13.   Individual attention (1 coordinator per 25 students)
14.   Performance monitor with weekly feedback 
15.   Booster sessions: MIQ/MIC/MIB discussion + chanting in a special group
16.   Regular Motivational Sessions with Ed Psychology trainers
17.   Last-minute revision (19 subjects/ expected cases) & Test cum discussion
18.   24/7 doubt clearing portal



Thank you so much to entire DMA faculties for their efforts in teaching.  I specially thank doc hari doc seyed for their motivation and guidance throughout my entire journey in DMA. 

Dr. Anushiya

Virgen milagrosa University foundation

High yield Printed Materials
only for 7,500 INR Extra

  • 1000 INR cash prize: Toppers of the scheduled module Mocks (1 per month only) shall

  • 50, 000 INR cash prize: DMA's students who score 250+ in FMGE shall avail 50K.

Step in and Feel the Difference!!!


for DMA's Legendary Course Plan to Target FMGE June-2022

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+91 8754417895  |  +91 9025935978

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