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Academic Partners

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Taking Medical Education to Another Dimension

DMA has been spreading its wings through academic & digital support in China, Russia & Malaysia by officially partnering with 5 universities since 2013.

DMA's ideology of "Teaching medicine beyond the limits of the exams" enables our faculties & educational psychologists to teach how to study than merely what to study and to provide Academic & psychological support throughout your preparations to achieve the highest levels of performance.

DMA's vision of creating a "Heritage built on knowledge & standard" is realized by delivering high-quality education in theoretical, clinical, and R&D fields in the easiest and economically approachable manner to all the candidates in need.

DMA's ultimate formula is to strategize the smart teaching cum study plan to grab your goals with the least effort.

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Why choose DMA?

A choice that makes the difference!!!

Pioneer since 2005

Pioneer institute in south India:

  • Pioneer institute in south India for FMGE coaching since 2005 with an un-shattered reputation of producing 1000s of FMGE (MCI Screening), USMLE, PLAB & AMC toppers with flying colors.

87% pass percentage

Academic excellence throughout the years:

  • Higher FMGE pass percentage: DMA's average pass percentage is persistently around 80-90% & many of our students have a reputation for scoring 200+.

  • PGMEE training of FMGs: Many of our FMGE toppers successfully secured PG seats through AIPG, NEET, DNB & USMLE with the excellent guidance of DMA. 

Academic partnership with 5 international universities

Academic partnership with 5 international universities
Academic partnership in China, Russia & Malaysia:  

DMA successfully collaborates with 5 universities to Academic & EdTech support since 2013.

Faculties with

10+ years of experience

40+ Extraordinary faculties

40+ Extraordinary faculties who authored a number of best sellers & have 10+ years of experience in FMGE & PGMEE training

  • Tier 1- IMG International & National faculties: Highly reputed faculties from the PGMEE coaching circle who officially taught & researched in various international/national universities.

  • Tier 2 - FMG National faculties: Many FMGs toppers who acquired PGs in India through AIPG/NEET/DNB with enormous clinical, research & teaching experience.

  • Tier 3 - FMG faculties with USMLE/PLAB/Diploma or special Certificates: Highly trained FMGE toppers who also acquired USMLE/PLAB/Diploma or special Certificates.


Unique way of teaching

Special methodology of reaching

DMA is the first institute in India to use the AI-based Pre-class Analytics to analyze your Psychological & learning profile + Subject proficiency & exam-taking skills to identify your strengths & weaknesses to strategize an effective customized study plan per student.

Educational psychology

We teach how to study than merely what to study

DMA is the only institute in India to educate students how to learn effectively with the aid of educational psychology.

Students:faculty ratio = 3-5

Student-centric approach

​Maximum 60 students/batch (students : faculty ratio = 3-5) with individual attention & guidance through weekly counselling.

Support around the clock

Academic & psychological support

DMA family equipped with a team of excellent faculties & educational psychologists to provide Academic & psychological support around the clock!

Web & app

aided with AI

Web & app aided with AI

Web-app with cutting edge technology
Didactic study aids through the Web-app with cutting edge technology: user-friendly web-app aided with AI in the market since 2015.

International publication

DaVinci publication:

DMA is one of the very few institutes to own a publication house that publishes a number of bestselling titles for MBBS & FMGE in China. India & CIS.

Logo for DMA app-04.png

History of DMA

  • ​FMGE & USMLE coaching in Chennai, India (KIMS)


  • Foundation of DMA


  • Testhub Mobile App

  • Talentmed Mobile App


  • CBME: teaching & training modules

  • SMS: Survive medical school for CIS & China




  • ​FMGE & PGMEE coaching in Delhi, India (AGM-KIMS)


  • Integrated FMGE program Jinzhou, PRC

  • Librarius DaVinci Publication

  • Study at AGM web


  • Introduction to FMGEformula & CDP in Chennai FMGE formula in PRC &Malaysia

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