FMGE Levatio 

FMGE regular course (face to face classes) by supreme national faculties

with a comfortable hostel and academic supervision.

5 Months Regular Course Divided into 3 stages

Hygienic Food:

Nutritious food to improve your physical & mental health as per the dietic protocols.

Guided Routine:

Strict cum effective time table based routine for studies, food, exercise, sleep & errands as per the educational psychology.

Physical exercise:

Exercise sessions to improve your physical & mental health to boost your critical thinking.


Motivational sessions to boost your confidence, psychological tips to improve your efficiency & decrease the exam stress with successful mentors in the field.

Customized Study Plan:

Study plan & strategy based on the AI tool  "DaVinci Analytica”.

Performance enhancer:

Performance monitoring & counseling with individual attention.

24/7 academic support:

Doubt clearance & personal guidance at your disposal.

Supervised HOSTEL

‘‘Comfortable hostel with academic supervision’’



Davinci Analytica: All the aspirants will be analyzed by DMA's artificial intelligence tool "Davinci Analytica" to identify their strengths/weaknesses & level of exam-taking skills to make an effective study plan & counseling.

DMA Orientation: orientation & counseling session where we teach "how to study than merely what to study".



1.5 Months 

CIBE (clinical & image-based education) Low yield subjects:

  1. Anatomy

  2. Orthopedics

  3. Physiology

  4. Forensics

  5. Skin

  6. Paediatric

  7. Psychiatry

  8. Anesthesia.

90+ Tests & Assessments:

  • 65+ chapter-wise tests (CWT) 9 subject wise FMGE/NBE past 

  • papers mock since 2005 9 subject wise mocks in the latest pattern

  • 9 subject wise Image-based mocks


2 Months 

CIBE (clinical & image-based education) High yield subjects:

1. Biochemistry
2. Pathology
3. Microbiology
4. PSM
5. Pharmacology
6. Medicine
7. Surgery
8. OBG
9. Eye
10. ENT

11. Radiology

90+ Tests & Assessments:

  • 90+ chapter-wise tests (CWT) 

  • 10 subject wise FMGE / NBE past papers mock since 2005 

  • 10 subject wise mocks in the latest pattern

  • 10 subject wise Image-based mocks


1.5 Months 

LMBS (last-minute booster session): QRS revision of All subjects revision

CITD (case & image based Test & discussion): all anticipated cases & images per subject vcovered.

25+ Tests & assessments: 

  • 5 module mocks

  • 18 mini-mocks

  • 3 grand mocks 


  • Davinci Analytica: DMA's AI tool to analyze each student's psychological + learning profiles, & exam-taking skills for their performance monitoring & enhancement.

  • CIBE: clinical & image-based education focussed to induce CBCT & IBCT.

  • CITD: case & image based Test & discussion. 

  • SPA: Subject proficiency assessment with performance enhancer.

  • LMBS: last-minute booster session.

  • Web-app with cutting edge technology aided with AI.

    • Didactic study materials with topic wise MCQs.

    • Image bank (High yield with the expected questions)

    • Case bank (Anticipated cases with pin offs)

  • Flashcard-chanting sessions.

  • Student-centric approach with individual attention.

  • 24/7 Academic support & psychological counselling.



FMGE DEC - 2020

First of all, thank you to all faculties of DMA. DMA has laid the foundation and basics strong for me to gain this success special thanks to Sakthivel sir and Vijesh sir...

Dr. Arunkumar

Xinjiang Medical University

What our students say about the DMA's FMGE formula...

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