Welcome to DaVinci Medical Academy (DMA)

The pioneer institution to start training for Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMG) & USMLE in Chennai with unshattered reputation of producing hundreds of toppers of FMGE since 2005. DMA started the integrated academic cooperation programs in order to raise the standards of foreign students to tally the international ones in various universities abroad since 2013. DMA is the very first institution which implemented the web-app based technology with psychoanalytics to identify various type of students depending on their learning styles/capacity to cater the appropriate models of teaching in order to cope up with the unimagined raise in the competitive exams.

DMA at a glance
  • The educational consortium formed by merging of KIMS, Chennai (since 2005) & AGM, Delhi (since 2009)
  • Directors: Dr.Sayed Abdul Kader MD (RSMU, Moscow) & Dr.P.Harinath MD (MMU, Moscow).
  • Syndicate of highly qualified teachers & specialists from different fields from all over India.
  • FMGE coaching for Indian screening exam & USMLE since 2005
  • Publications of books & digital aids (Web-Apps) since 2012
  • Academic enhancer program for Jinzhou Medical University since 2013
  • Online Academic cooperation for First Moscow State Medical University since 2017
  • Online academic cooperation with Moscow Medical University, Moscow, Russia since 2017
  • Online academic cooperation with Jiangsu University, Jiangsu, China since 2018


DMA classes, Chennai, India


DMA classes, Jinzhou, China


DMA classes, Kursk, Russia


DMA classes, Anhui, China


DMA classes, Suzhou, China


DMA classes, Dalian, China


DMA classes, CMU, China


JSU, Jiangsu, China


DMA classes, MSMU, Moscow, Russia


DMA classes, CFU, Simferopol, Russia