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How to Stay Focused during FMGE preparation?

Focus vs Attention:

  • Focus: the act of concentrating your interest or activity on something.

  • Attention/concentration: how we actively process specific information in our environment & Attention is a basic part of the cognitive system.

Key points about attention:

  • Attention is limited in terms of both capacity and duration. Key variables that impact are how interested we are & how many distracters we experience (multitasking seldom works well according to the research published in 2018)

  • Attention is selective on a specific item in our environment by filtering out an enormous number of other.

How to Stay Focused During FMGE Preparation (DMA's formula of FOCUS)?

  • F = Find your ambiance (comfortable & soothing for you without any distractions).

  • O= Organize (Schedule your tasks like reading/revision/practice tests & prioritize what to be completed within the time frame).

  • C = Cut off your procrastinations (It's very important to escape from procrastinations like chitchats & Netflix, don forget time is the precious resource now).

  • U = Undo your negative thinking (Think only positive, avoid Naysayers & Negative talkers. You can't manage to waste your energy with negative thoughts during this time).

  • S = Sustain your persistence by Monitoring your progress & adapting to improve the deficiencies (participate completely without slacking off until you crack the FMGE).


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