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Junior Scientist Program (JSP)

A unique program designed to train the faculties & students to excel in the research & publication domains.


Mode: Face to Face or Online

Duration: 3 Months



Module 1: 
A.    basics in MS office & presentation skills 
B.    Introduction to medical webs e-books & services.

Module 2: 
A.    Insight in to the article including types of articles? 
B.    How use Pubmed, Scopus, SCI/EBSCO?
C.    Insight in to the citataion/reference & How to use endnote/zotero ?
D.    How to write a synopsis for an article?

Module 3: 
A.    The basic research framework
B.    How to write a research proposal?
C.    How to write a thesis?

Module 4: 
A.    Statistics related  training including SPSSS 
B.    How to check plagiarism? 
C.    How to write a synopsis for a research paper?

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