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Davinci Analytica


What is the


  • The Improper guidance without analyzing the potentials of the aspirants leads to ineffective preparation yielding in mass failure in the FMGE (Overall FMGE pass% < 25).

  • Bombardment of the Vast number of study aids in the market leads to the confusion of the aspirants about what plan, materials, lectures & Qbank to choose to prepare for the FMGE effectively.  All the study aids available in the market will not fit your style therefore you will have to carefully choose the best aids as per your learning pattern & level of knowledge.

  • DMA is the only one institute providing the analytics currently,  which is an online tool to identify your personality, learning pattern,  level of knowledge & discrimination skills to strategize a customized study plan & to choose the appropriate study aids for your preparation.

  • Learning styles & FMGE preparation:

  1. Each of the FMGE aspirants is unique in personality, learning pattern, level of knowledge & discrimination skills therefore it's impossible to implement the same study plan & strategy to everyone without analyzing them individually.

  2. FMGE aspirants should know their learning style and use the respective strategies to improve the FMGE preparation to crack FMGE with the least effort & score 200+.

Uses of analyzing the learning styles in FMGE preparation?

  1. Easy to focus on cues for motivation.

  2. Increase the efficiency of learning.

  3. Helps to choose the appropriate study partner or ambiance.

  4. Easy to cope up with the pitfalls in effective learning.

  5. Improve the problem-solving approach in the exams & clinical practice.

  6. Improve the performance by tackling the approach to the exams.

What will be analyzed in Davinci Analytica?

  1. Psychological profiling

  2. learning profiling

  3. Subject proficiency test

  4. Exam taking skills 

  5. Exam anxiety test

What will be provided after the Analysis?

  • Your results will be analyzed by the Psychologist & Specialists with 24 hrs after your completion of the Analytica.

  • You will be counseled by DMA's specialist & provided with:

  1. A smart customized per subject to crack the FMGE with ease.

  2. Solutions for your challenges & problems based on the analysis of your Psychological profile + learning style + Subject proficiency test + discrimination skills.

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