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Strategic Academic Enhancer Program


Strategic academic enhancer program (SAEP) is an Integrated smart study program with live classes & Integrated Digitally Augmented Learning System (IDALS) designed to fit the syllabus of the university to analyze the performance of individuals & aid to increase their efficiency 

IDALS  is a digitally aided learning management system (LMS) which is an application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses or training program.

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Integrated Digitally Augmented

Learning Program

Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) through integrated digitally Augmented Learning Program (IDALP)

  1. Student's portal Smart study aids: Syllabus, objectives & study plans with guidelines 

  2. Pertinent study materials & Image bank 

  3. MCQs + Viva/Case/OSPES for practice & scheduled tests 

  4. 24/7 doubt clearing along with Q & A discussion portal through the app on demand 

  5. Individual performance analysis Individual performance analysis & counseling (teacher's/mentor's portal) 

Monitoring the Performance

Monitoring panel with special IDs for teachers/mentors assigned by the university to analyze the Individual performance of students & counsel/guide them to improve the performance




Students shall be assessed/counseled through special analytics to manage their preparations well:

  1. Psychographic analysis

  2. Learning preference inventory test

  3. Subject proficiency test 

Individual performance analysis: 

  1. The regularity of the usage of the app with a respective duration of the used screens/pages shall be assessed

  2. Tests performance shall be assed with trophies & coins (Gamification)

  3. Student's performance shall be assed with accuracy & speed of the test performance

  4. Tests performance can be compared with the help of the leaderboard amongst classmates with rankings (Gamification)

  5. Threats & Targets section: enables the students to identify the  potential competitors (threats) & set the goals (targets) to maintain consistency or to improve the ranking (Gamification)

  6. Counseling with individual attention to manage their preparations well.

Smart Study Program:

Individually supervised curriculum designed to fit for the appropriate syllabus of the medical subjects as per the university with:

1.    Syllabus to be implemented
2.    Strategic approach
3.    Study plans with guidelines

Materials (Teaching tools: IDALS)

  1. Exclusive subject wise study materials  online  

  2. Video lectures

  3. Image bank

  4. Smart study aids to guide in studies

Various exams (Teaching tools: IDALS)

  1. MCQs

  2. Viva

  3. Case/OSPES


Individual performance analysis & counseling (Teaching tools: IDALS)

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