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Basic Medical Content Creator Training Program

A special program to hand-hold & enrich the academic writing cum presenting skills of those who are in the teaching field.


2 months

Duration of training: 
5 working hours per day (excluding the lunch & tea breaks)

Sunday/national holidays

Mode of the training:
F2F or online


MBBS, Bachelors/Masters degree (BSc/MSc) in any biology/science-related disciplines or English or Education

Domains of training: 

  1. MS office (MS word/pptx basics/xls)

  2. Proof reading & editing: Grammar/syntax (tools & tasks)

  3. Plagiarism & Paraphrasing (tools & tasks)

  4. Professional Translation (tools & tasks)

  5. Terminology & abbreviations (tasks)

  6. Publishing tools (abstract, synopsis, key words, search/customization, references)

  7. Special:

    • Professional spoken English training for audio recording

    • Medical assessments: Insight, tools & training (Andragogic approach)

    • Medical article writing

    • Systematic review of textbooks

  8. Optional: 

    • Web tools: wordpress/SEO

    • Social Media for Professionals (Profile, posts designing & handling)


Continuous assessment through feedback

Domains of assessment:

Compliance/dedication, quality & delivery within the deadline


•    3-5 marks will be awarded/day (5-excellent/4-good/3-satisfactory)
•    90 marks - 150 marks for 30 working days
•    Minimum score: 90 marks should be scored to be eligible for receiving a pass certificate.
•    90 – 99 marks: Average, 100 - 119 marks: Above average, 120 – 129 marks: Good, 130 – 139 marks: Very good, 140 – 150 marks: Excellent.


The certificate will be provided with pass/fail status & a transcript with training duration in man-hours, domains/details of the training & performance with scores.


the tasks of those who score > 120 will be portrayed on our official website with the credentials of the Content creator/Content editor.


Those who score 140 and above shall be recommended for full time or part-time jobs to our affiliates

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