QRS Super Revision Class: 1 Month Revision for FMGE August 2020

Are you aware that more than 3/4 of the FMGE aspirants fail due to the lack of Strategic Revisions?

Do you know that 5 revisions are optimal & minimum 3 revisions are essential to crack FMGE?

  • QRS super revision is 1 Month revision course (22 days of revision & 8 days of break) based on the principles of the “Educational psychology” to maximize the efficiency of learning, retention & recall to assure your success in FMGE August 2020. 

  • Duration: 1st – 30th of August 2020 (Refer to the schedule given below).

  • QRS super revision is a systematically structured program completely based on 3rd Edition of QRS for FMGE/NEXT & TalentMed FMGE Formula 2020 App.

  • Salient features of this course:

    1. Super effective 30 days study plan with class + reading + revision + tests & cramming schedules (Refer to the schedule given below).

    2. DMA’s Screenlive classes completely based on the chapters of 3rd Edition of QRS for FMGE/NEXT by the Authors (Online live sessions worth of 9,000 INR & recorded sessions worth of 6,000 INR.

    3. TalentMed’s FMGE Formula 2020 App & Web (worth of 5,000 INR).

    4. 24/7 academic support & counseling through the special group.

Express ticket to success in 1 month!

What are the skills necessary to be groomed during the revision?

  1. Comprehension of concepts

  2. Recalling ability

  3. Exam Taking skills including Exam Time management

Why Join the QRS Super Revision for FMGE August 2020?

  • This super plan will be divided into 4 sessions where we foster the 4 skills necessary to be groomed to crack the FMGE.

    • Session 1 → Comprehension of concepts & Recalling ability

    • Session 2 & 3 → Recalling ability, Exam Taking skills & Exam Time management

    • Session 4 → Recalling ability

What is QRS for FMGE August 2020?

  • QRS is a very high yield book carefully carved to fit for an effective last-minute revision.

  • Around 160 MCQs appeared in FMGE December 2019 from the 2nd Edition of QRS.

  • Salient features:

    1. High yield NBE-centric for all 19 subjects

    2. One-liners based on the latest pattern of the FMGE

    3. Updated & enhanced Image bank with captions

    4. Nuggets section with segregated high yields

    5. Anticipated Cases with explanations & Pin-offs

    6. Up to date guidelines of Dx + DDx + Rx as per the CMDT 2020

    7. Tabular presentation

    8. Easy language

What is DMA’s FMGE Formula 2020 App & Web?

  • The complete package of materials + Tests (50,000 MCQs)  & Videos through the web cum mobile app, All you need to crack the FMGE August 2020 in one go with ease!

    1. Insight into the FMGE:  All you need to know about the FMGE including history, pass %, pattern, the latest changes in the trend, study plans, study tips & high yield topics.

    2. Notes & cases: Gold standard study materials that rea essential to crack FMGE & the anticipated cases for the applied knowledge in the conceptual MCQs.

    3. Last-minute revision: Memory boosting last-minute revision hand-picked from the legendary QRS for FMGE.

    4. High yield Image bank: with captions in all 19 subjects.

    5. FMGE Fire Aids: High yield revision videos based on the legendary QRS for FMGE.

    6. Practice tests (past papers chapter-wise tests): All FMGE + NBE past papers for practice & Chapter-wise exams for all the 19 subjects to validate your knowledge in each chapter.

    7. Subject wise tests: A set of past paper subject wise tests + tests prepared on the latest pattern of MCQs & tests on Image-based MCQs.

    8. Module + mini & grand mock tests: Set of high yield module mocks for the cumulative practice of the subjects, mini-mocks based on commonly asked facts, past paper mock & Gand mocks with highly anticipated topics.

Fee: 14,000 INR

Grab your discounts:

  1. If you have QRS book: 2,000 INR  discount → 12,000 INR

  2. If you have FMGE Formula app: 4,000 INR  discount → 10,000 INR

  3. Old students of DMA/students of JZMU: 2,000 INR  discount → 12,000 INR

  4. Group discount count (5 students): 2,000 INR  discount/per head → 12,000 INR/per head