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DMA' FIRE AIDS is a COMPACT REVISION for the last-minute revision for the FMGE/MCI screening.


Do you know that > 80% of aspirants fail in FMGE due to the lack of Revisions? Revision is the key to recall what you studied during the courses however most of the FMGE aspirants lack the aids or the guidance to revise effectively.

140+ MCQ's FMGE Dec-2020

Video lectures completely based on the final edition of QRS for FMGE by Dr.Balakrishna from where 140+ MCQS appeared in FMGE DEC 2020. NB: minimum of 140 MCQs said to have appeared from 3rd edition of the QRS book (We received 160 genuine recall MCQs from 10 of our students & found that 89 MCQs have the answers in the QRS BOOK & QRS App)


Quick Review Series for FMGE / NEXT

  • High yield NBE-centric for all 19 subjects 

  • One-liners based on the latest pattern of the FMGE 

  • Updated & enhanced Image bank with captions 

  • Nuggets section with segregated high yields 

  • Anticipated cases with explanations

  • Up to date guidelines of Dx + DDx + Rx as per the CMDT 2020 

more info 

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