DaVinci Medical Academy Medical Education and Innovation



1-Quiz Competition:

  • The grand cross country quiz awarded with 75,000 INR worth prices
  • To create a Competitive Environment among students, Quiz competition is organized to push students to learn better and faster adapting to the world standards.

Insight 2016

  • 1st ever Medical Quiz Competition of the University: The Quiz competition is being held under the supervision of Dr. P.Harinath and request your good will to help us successfully conduct the Quiz Competition.
  • General Details
    1. Date: 12-11-2016
    2. Total no. of participants: 25 (5 Groups, 5 students each)
    3. No. of Audience Expected: 100+
    4. Expected Duration of Quiz: 1 hr 30 min
    5. Expected Rounds: 6 Rounds
  • Quiz Round Details
    1. Cheap as a Penny­­: 4Q/team, 30 sec/ Q
    2. Squirrel Leg: 4Q/team, 30 sec/Q
    3. Frisbee: 5Q/team, 30 sec/Q
    4. Retrospectoscope: 4Q/team, 30 sec/Q
    5. Sparctacus: 3Q/team, 30 sec/Q
    6. Sniper Shots: 2 min/team, No Q limit
    7. The fair Headed: 4Q/team, 30 sec/Q

Insight 2017


2-Journal club contest:

  • Acta Medica DaVinci, entitled “Modifying Medical Minds” intended as a companion, to be published by Da Vinci Medical Publication.
  • Students are welcome to participate in article writing contests where they can choose various type of articles.
  • The 5 best articles will be chosen to be published in Acta Medica DaVinci with special certificate of participation & a small cash prize.

3-Scientific Presentation contest:

  • Students are given research topics to present. Students are evaluated on the basis of presentation skills, content/quality of the presentation, extent of ground work done on the research topic & scientific references. At the end of each presentation, 5 minutes are allocated towards Doubt clearing session.
  • The best presenter will be awarded with special certificate of participation & a small cash prize.

4-Drawing contest:

  • Drawing contest is conducted in association with Department of Anatomy, JZMU, China. 
  • Contests focuses on theme of "Innovative  anatomy: fusion of anatomy & Nature" where students are expected to draw anatomical plates enriched with decoration  from nature.
  • The 5 drawings will be awarded with special certificate of participation & a small cash prize.

5-Scientific Presentation Contest:

  • i-Lab + DMA + Fossil Valley Pan Anat Med in association with CIE of JZMU proudly present the Scientific presentation contest.
  • Topics: latest discoveries & findings in Medicine
  • Duration: < 10 min
  • Language: English
  • Format: PPT with light background + screen record your presentation & send us
  • Rounds:
    • Selection rounds: Choose topics (Deadline: 3rd July)
    • Preliminary rounds: provide the presentations (Deadline: 15th August)
    • Final round: Best 3 will be awarded in "INSIGHT QUIZ" (Nov 2018)
  • Award: