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Introduction to DMA (DaVinci Medical Academy)

  • History of DMA:
    • DMA: DaVinci Medical Academy is an educational consortium formed by merging of KIMS, Chennai & AGM, Delhi.
    • Directors of DMA, Dr.P.Harinath MD & Dr.Sayed A.K MD who are reputed teachers & authors. DMA consists a syndicate of highly qualified teachers & specialist from different fields from all over India. Its note worthy that DMA is the only institute destined for FMGs & run by FMGs.
  • Salient features of DMA:
    • Experience & exposure: DMA is the institute to operate successfully in Chennai since 2005 with direct exposure in the field for FMGE since 2005 gaining a vast knowledge for formulating an effective teaching plan.
    • Teaching plan and curriculum: The best & validated curriculum where concepts are taught from basic to advanced levels
    • Faculties: Highly experienced in FMGE field with unmatched ability of predicting apprehended questions.
    • For FMGs by FMGs: Only institute dedicated for FMGs run by FMGs with higher success rates in regional whole of India
    • Post FMGE guidance: Only institute to give guidelines after exam for internship as well as for jobs in india & abroad.
    • FMGE toppers: DMA have an unshakable reputation as leading educators yielded in more than 1000 toppers in FMGE.
  • DMA's unique way of teaching:
    • DMA has developed a very unique way of teaching FMGs from basics to advance levels after analyzing the basic levels of knowledge of FMGs & ability of critical thinking. DMA is the only institute with own publications for FMGE.

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Experience & time line

Timeline of Live classes:

Timeline Publication:

Timeline of web-app

Timeline of Academic cooperation:

Team of DMA

Academic Directors:

  • Dr. Panchadcharam Harinath MD
    • Co-founder of DaVinci Medical academy (DMA, Chennai) & Librarius DaVinci (DaVinci publishers, Chennai).
    • Teaching: He has been teaching in various private institutes catering to PGMEEs & FMGEs since 2009. He had been a full time teaching faculty in Jinzhou Medical University from 2013 to 2018, currently working as a part time faculty in Jinzhou medical university.
    • Research: His initial research interest was in infections etiology of atherosclerosis & obesity during his undergraduate studies. His current research works are morphological changes in motor + non-motor system in brain in pesticide mediated Parkinsonism & prospective study on Improving the efficiency of undergraduate medical students through digitally aided scientific approach called Integrated Digitally augmented Learning Program (IDALP).
    • Publications: He had been publishing since 2010 in Jaypee medical publisher & since 2014 Librarius DaVinci has been the exclusive source of publications of books for FMGE & digital publications for medical education.
    • Academic cooperation with International universities: supervisor of Digitally augmented Learning Program (IDALP) in 4 universities and coordinator of DMA's medical education programs in India & abroad.
    • Linkedin profile: Harinath Panchadcharam

  • Dr. Sayed Abdul Cader MD
    • Working as a Assistant Civil Surgeon in Royapatteh Government Hospital from February 2012 till date
    • Founder Vice-President of RMGA(Russian Medical Graduates Association)
    • Best doctor award in the 2015 of Royapetah Government Hospital
    • Award for working during Moulliwakkam incident from honorable late Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha
    • Editor of Quick review series for FMGE
    • Linkedin profile: Seyed Abdul Cader

IT & media team:

  • Mr.C.Krishnakumar: creative head
  • Mr.D.Sivaguru: Media head

Technical advisers:

  • Mrs. E.V. Kratenko
  • Mr. Prabhu Ramani

Academic & Technical team:

  • Dr.Ilyas Turgenbayev: text compilation & editing
  • Dr.Tamilmani NM: Web/App development & maintenance
  • Dr.Roshin Jose: workbooks + JZMU app/library maintenance
  • Dr.S.Santhosh Sakthivel: Contents & errata
  • Dr.Roshan Aktar: content writing(teacher optional)
  • Dr.Vignesh Babu: editing Supervisor
  • Dr.A.Cibisivanram: book designing

Vision & Mission

  • Set a new standard in medical education for FMGs:
    • Make the students study & apply the knowledge in clinical field
    • To increase standard of FMGs
    • Increase the passing % of screening exams for foreign graduates
    • Build a culture & heritage based on knowledge 
  • Render a helping hand for financially unstable students with potential 
    • Medical education is rather expensive 
    • Many poor children are unable to access help on academics due to the higher cost
    • Many potential students are are ignored 
    • We are rendering a helping hand to bring up such potentials for free of cost
  • Take medical education to another dimension:
    • Digital meducation for lowest cost possible
    • Publication for lowest cost possible
  • DMA Scholarship:
    • 5-10 students of each university will be chosen depending on your involvement & performance in the web app for DMA scholarship 
    • Scholarship holders can avail the complete regular coaching course of FMGE/NEET at DMA, Chennai (for one time only)
    • DMA Topper award: FMG aspirant of DMA with FMGE/NEET score more than 251 will be awarded with 50, 000 INR in cash

Featured DMA faculties

  • Reputed Premium & National faculties cum authors
  • Why is this course unique if most of the faculties are same everywhere?
    • Faculties might be the same but what & how they deliver at DMA is unique 

International academic cooperation